Watchtower dating

Your advice is in line with Jehovah. He would be better off getting a love doll than to obsess about sex or to marry someone incompatible. I would never encourage anybody to marry based on sexual frustation or the need for sexual release. Jesus is Michael the Archangel. Personally I think online dating within a structured setting would be advantageous for any JW looking for a mate.

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Mark whatever your name is,if English is your problem dnt make that my problem go back to primary sch.

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Want to Date a Jehovah’s Witness?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. A fair percentage of the women on the site admit to having children. Why get one on the only relgion that tries to follow the bible and did they do something to kent to hurt his poor little baby feelings?? Partners in the Truth. Depending upon which congregation you attend they may call it bad association.

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watchtower dating
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watchtower dating
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